Nebraska Cornhuskers Dresses

Nebraska Cornhuskers Ladies Sorority Girl Sundress – Scarlet

You?€™re well aware of the stereotypes associated with college girls ?€” ditzy easily distracted and hopelessly shallow. You just happen to be in the top 10% of your class and looking to graduate early. There?€™s one stereotype you don?€™t mind perpetuating though ?€” how absolutely fine Nebraska gals can be! Add a mega-flirty touch to your Huskers spirit in this Sorority Girl Sundress. This vibrant team-colored sundress features a printed school logo on the chest and sewn-on layered ruffles along the straps for an eye-catching game-ready look that’ll have your opponents begging for mercy (and maybe your number). Maybe then everyone will understand that you?€™re not just another pretty face!




$ 34.99