Nebraska Cornhuskers Footwear

Nebraska Cornhuskers Camo Print Flip Flops – Black/Forest Camo

You don’t need body paint and foam fingers to represent your Nebraska pride. For you it’s all about casual team style. When it’s warm out wear these Camo Print flip flops. These comfy flip flops feature “Nebraska Huskers” lettering printed on a camouflage background to show off your rugged team pride. With these flip flops you?€™re always walking on Nebraska territory!




$ 19.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers Santa Cruz Crocs – Khaki

You aren?€™t the type of crazy fan to show up on game day in face paint or a costume to catch everyone?€™s attention ?€“ your Nebraska pride is simple and true. You?€™re such a huge Huskers fan that you?€™d even stand around all day waiting for just a glimpse of your beloved home team. Keep your feet comfy while cheerin?€™ on your Cornhuskers all day long with these classic Santa Cruz Crocs. These loafer-style shoes feature a team logo on the canvas upper and a Croslite material midsole for the best fit. They?€™re a perfect subtle way to show off your Nebraska pride while keepin?€™ your overworked feet feelin?€™ comfy throughout the game.




$ 59.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers Crocs Classic – Black

Running up and down the stands can really put a hurting on an average pair of shoes especially if you attend every home game. Now you can equip your feet with the utmost in comfort and Huskers pride with this pair of Crocs! These lightweight durable shoes are made from the custom Croslite material making them tough easy to clean and odor-resistant. The fronts and heels of these shoes are decorated with rubber Nebraska-themed embellishments as well so any outfit can have an additional level of team pride. They?€™re also equipped with orthopedic contoured footbeds. You don?€™t have to worry about sore feet taking away from the fun of a Cornhuskers game!




$ 39.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers Brown Weave Flip Flop Sandals

Threading your way through massive team-spirited crowds can certainly get you in the mood to cheer but it can be tough on your feet. Now you can keep comfortable while boasting your Nebraska pride from the tailgate to a walk on the beach in the Weave flip flops. They feature a checkered pattern on the straps with metal school wordmark emblems on the outer straps and flexible contoured insoles so you’re always walking on Huskers territory!




$ 29.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers Crocband Crocs – Black

Every week you and your family morph into a bona fide rock band. You set up in the living room with your musical instrument controllers and play along with the video game ?€” your wifey on drums your kids on the guitar and bass and you wailing on the microphone. There’s only one thing that can top your weekly in-house concerts and that’s watching your Huskers. Someday you might have fans as dedicated to you as you are to the Cornhuskers but in the meantime make it clear that you’re a Nebraska groupie with the Crocband Crocs. These lightweight durable shoes are made from the custom Croslite material that makes them tough easy to clean and odor-resistant. They?€™re also equipped with ergonomic contoured footbeds and feature Nebraska-themed embellishments on the top of the shoe and at the back strap. So whether you’re running around at work jumping to your feet at the Huskers game or having a jam session in your living room your feet will be the best back-up you’ve ever had. After all being a rockstar allows you to make certain demands ?€” and comfort is at the top of your list!




$ 39.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers Men’s Dark Khaki Corduroy Slippers

Slip your feet into cozy team-spirited luxury with these Corduroy slippers featuring shearling insoles and upper lining for the ultimate in warmth and comfort!




$ 19.99