Nebraska Cornhuskers Toys

Nebraska Cornhuskers Reverse-A-Pal Football Plush Toy

You love to toss the ball around with your young Cornhuskers fan and you can?€™t wait until the two of you get to share his first home game. Get your youngster ready for the Nebraska action with the Reverse-A-Pal stuffed animal. This cute plush toy looks just like the team mascot and when you?€™re ready for practice you can unzip the back zipper and stuff him inside a Cornhuskers-themed football. Embroidered wordmarks and team-colored details on both sides make this the ultimate companion for any aspiring football fanatic.




$ 24.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers Mascot Pillow Pet

Getting your child to sleep at night can be an absolute nightmare. The never-ending bedtime stories the long haul to the kitchen for warm milk the pointless concept of ?€œcounting sheep?€ ?€” sometimes there are just never enough solutions. Now you don?€™t have to do it alone! This trusty cuddly ‘Huskers-spirited Mascot Pillow Pet can relieve you and your kin of your sleep-deprived troubles. Made of a soft plush material this fluffy animal is decked out in an adorable hat as well as a matching team-colored uniform with a team name and logo embroidered on the back. When he?€™s laid flat he?€™s the best pillow buddy a kid (or perhaps an adult) can ask for; however by simply attaching the right side strap to the left hook and loop fastener he becomes a huggable plush pal for all NCAA fanatics to love and enjoy. Get to snoozin?€™ Nebraska fans and dream a little dream of your favorite players dominating the game!




$ 24.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers Scarlet-White Plush Spirit Name Pillow

Add some Huskers pride to your home or office decor with this Spirit Name plush pillow! Use it as a throw pillow on your sofa or place it on a shelf or mantle in your game room for a funky display of team style. Measures approximately 26.5″ long x 3.5″ tall.




$ 19.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers 350-Piece 3-in-1 TRI-a-Puzzle

When you’re tired of yet another halftime report filled with lackluster commentary you and your crew can take a break from the talking heads with this 3-in-1 puzzle! This 350-piece puzzle has designs on both sides so it can be made into three different team-spirited designs: a team helmet the helmet in a custom team-colored frame or the team logo on a football field. This variety of options guarantees hours of fun so even during a rain delay you’ll never run out of ways to celebrate your Huskers!




$ 15.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers 8” Plush Hoodie Bear

Get your little fan on the right track toward being a Nebraska fan for life with this adorable plush Hoodie Bear. This 8″ bear comes dressed in a cuddly hoodie with your school’s logo and makes a great collectible for fans young and old!




$ 9.95

Rawlings Nebraska Cornhuskers 4” Quick Toss Softee Football

Get your Huskers spirit warmed up for the big game with this 4″ Quick Toss Softee football from Rawlings! It features vibrant team graphics on each side and a soft squishy construction. It’s perfect for tossing around with your friends in the backyard or showing off your Nebraska pride at any tailgate party!




$ 3.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers 54” Inner Tube Pool Float

Keep your Huskers pride afloat all season when you hit the pool with this 54?€ team-colored inner tube. This durable tube features team name and logo graphics so your Nebraska spirit will be part of all your summer fun!




$ 39.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers Youth Hero Cape – Scarlet

Pow! Boom! Blam! Your little Nebraska fan is now SuperHuskers Man! He?€™ll fly into your living room at lightning-fast speed in this Hero cape to cheer on the Cornhuskers and then poof…he disappears! Because he was going so fast you completely missed that this shiny cape with a hook and loop neck closure features a large printed Nebraska wordmark on the back. Bonk! Pop! Zlam! He is back again – just in time to save the day for Nebraska with his superhero powers!




$ 14.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers Magic Wand

Your little sweetheart wishes nothing more than for her favorite team to win the game. Make sure every wish is granted for your little Huskers princess when she bestows cheers on her favorite team with this Magic Wand. This magical wish-granting wand features the Nebraska team logo printed on the plush star-shaped tip cute mesh and satin detailing and team-colored streamers. Your little girl?€™s team spirit will cast an adorable spell on everyone at the Nebraska game!




$ 5.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers Orbiez Plush Football Toy

Your tiny fan adores the Cornhuskers and there’s nothing that makes you more proud! The thing is your little cutie has taken to cuddling with a football at night ?€” an actual football with laces! Since this can be slightly unsafe give your young fan a more suitable cuddle buddy with this Nebraska plush football toy. It features a football-shaped body with white stitching an embroidered team name floppy arms and legs and a face replicating the team mascot. Your little Nebraska sidekick will never want to go anywhere without this snuggly plush toy!




$ 14.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers Princess Tiara – White/Scarlet

Does your little girl love pretending to be a princess? Let her imagination become reality with this Nebraska Princess tiara. It features a Cornhuskers wordmark team-colored ruffled trim and a decorative diamond pattern to complete her fairytale look. The back has combed edges designed to stay in her hair for a secure fit. Let her dreams come true with this Nebraska tiara and she will be the prettiest princess at the game.




$ 9.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers 11” Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey?€™s the kind of guy you want to bring along with you to root for your team. He?€™s always in the best of moods and will definitely keep you in good cheer with his wide smile. If he had a job (and could move his limbs) he would totally let you bum twenty bucks for gas money. True Sock Monkey isn?€™t a great conversationalist but he is soft lovable and completely huggable. With his team-spirited hoodie charming demeanor and cute ?€˜lil beanie Sock Monkey is a fan favorite for Huskers fans of all ages to enjoy!




$ 9.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers Herbie Husker Hand Puppet

In a world where economic recession government distrust and rampant corporate greed dominate the minds and hearts of those across our great nation one mascot will embark on a journey to bring smiles to the faces of Cornhuskers fans everywhere. Until now Herbie Husker was someone you could only see when at a game but now at a time of rampant internet commerce your world and his will collide and a hero will rise. Things are about to get interesting when you slide your hand into this super soft puppet featuring a Nebraska hat and shirt. Just make sure to share this awesome mascot with the kids!




$ 17.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers Scarlet Plush Football

Add some team flair to your little fan’s bedroom decor or even to your own office or fan cave with this plush football! Featuring an embroidered team logo on one side and contrasting embroidered football laces on the other side this football will show that you are a softy for your Huskers.




$ 12.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers Fan Finger Wind-Up Toy

Toys aren’t just for kids ?€” adults definitely need play time too. Whenever your Cornhuskers score wind up this Fan Finger and watch it confidently march across the table! With the Nebraska wordmark on the front and logo on the back this fun toy will get a laugh out of fans both young and old. If you buy more than one you can have epic mini races with your kids or college buddies. Wherever you use it this snappy Fan Finger will definitely add some festive Huskers cheer to any day of the week!




$ 6.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers Hidden Plush Bear Football Toy

Your young sports fan can cuddle up and dream about Nebraska football with this adorable plush toy football! It features a mascot bear dressed in team garb that can hide comfortably inside its very own football house which boasts a handy zipper an embroidered team logo and vibrant team colors.




$ 8.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers Hidden Plush Bear Football Keychain

Wherever you go you can carry an adorable reminder of your Huskers pride with this plush football keychain! It features a mascot bear dressed in team garb that can hide comfortably inside its very own football house which boasts a handy zipper an embroidered team logo and vibrant team colors. It’s a convenient way to keep track of your keys but makes a great gift for young fans as well!




$ 4.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers 8” Plush Hoodie Bear –

Get your young fan on the right track toward being a Cornhuskers fan for life with this adorable plush bear. This 8″ bear comes dressed in a cuddly team logo hoodie and makes a great collectible for fans young and old!




$ 9.95

Nebraska Cornhuskers 2.5” Light-Up Bouncy Ball

Part decoration and part toy the Light-Up Bouncy Ball offers more than some team-spirited entertainment. Throw it against any hard surface and watch as it rebounds proportionally to however much force with which it is thrown. In addition this bouncy ball is filled with team-colored glitter and a light-up team logo football that activates each time the ball strikes a surface which makes for a fun Cornhuskers spirit statement that the young and young-at-heart can enjoy!




$ 6.95